Welcome to Ward Round!

The hospital-based board game that lets you take on the challenge of managing a busy medical ward!

Ambulances are queueing up and the Emergency Department is full!

Over 90 minutes, 3-6 players compete or work jointly against the clock to admit sick patients who require investigation and treatment, before discharge.

Contagious patients, critical patients, and breathless patients all have unique challenges to deal with, and make sure you don’t commit an accidental drug error!

Ward Round! presents common and hilarious problems that you might encounter as a healthcare professional, the game is a realistic simulation of healthcare and can even be used as a training simulation for doctors and nurses.


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We are currently seeking to make the boardgame widely available – to get publishers to mass produce the game we want to show how much interest there is out there! Ward Round is a unique boardgame and we would love to get it launched, and for you to enjoy playing. Please sign up below and we will keep you updated on developments!


Dr Sam Green (known as Barry!) trained in Liverpool and has worked as a doctor in both the NHS and the British Army. He has a Master’s degree in cancer research and is now training to be a GP.

His experiences in both medicine and surgery inspired him to develop Ward Round! as a simulation of the mayhem that anyone who has worked in a hospital will recognise.

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